e4f Incubator

Quick Guidance Notes

Thanks for getting this far! It’s great that you are interested in applying and we have given you some hints and tips to help you through the process of joining us.

Firstly, the e4f incubator is designed and dedicated to helping innovative tech start-ups, so try and explain why you believe your business or idea would benefit from the programme. You can save your application and return to it at any point, so take your time over it.

If you are unsure what we mean by innovative tech, for the removal of doubt our definition includes any company that:

  • Provides a software or firmware-based product or service as its primary business OR
  • Primarily operates over a digital platform, such as apps or websites OR
  • Produces hardware products that require significant technology R&D

We are excluding:

  • Manufacturing and industrial technology companies
  • Companies that support the technology sector (e.g. consultancies)
  • Companies that use digital as a channel for their primary offline business (e.g. a restaurant with a website)